Doon Duh Vail co. X Guinness

Campaign Design | Product Development | Packaging Design

DDV x Guinness Sweater 4
DDV x Guinness Box
DDV x Guinness Sweater 3
DDV x Guinness Box Open

Guinness, Diaego Republic of Ireland

Doon Duh Vail co. launched onto the scene in 2018, bringing hand embroidered t-shirts, sweaters & tote bags with a fun, wity and politically woke phrases to the market.

After gaining some attention on social media, Guinness proposed a collaborative project where custom t-shirts & sweaters would be designed, reactionary to events in pop culture, or as a gifting PR package to celebrities & influencers. A gift boxes was designed, as well as customised sew in labels & hangtags; similtaneously, a thorough strategy was developed to maximise the success. Irish music artists such as Niall Horan (previously part of One Direction before following a solo artist career) & The Script, as well as radio presenters & influencers such as James Kavanagh, are a few that have received a collaboration box.